Aggregate Arts & Entertainment Sectors for Events


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    Hi Zachary, Thank you for your post. You are correct that IMPLAN will allow you to aggregate to a 2 or 3 digit NAICS. In the Software, after you have built your model, select Options > [url=]Aggregation[/url]. From there you will have the ability to aggregate into the 2 or 3 digit NACIS. You are also correct that you cannot specify a value without choosing an individual Sector. This is because each Sector has it's own unique spending pattern and economic relationships, thus you either have to aggregate those Sectors into one so that the software creates a single weighted spending pattern of the those Sectors or you have to split the value yourself using the Study Area Data. If you want to aggregate the target Sectors in 2 digit NAICS but do not want to aggregate the entire Model you can use the same tool as described above, but instead of importing the 2 digit NAICS library, you can use the Custom Sector functions to create you new single aggregate Sector. Alternatively you can keep the individual Multiplier identity of the Sectors by using the Study Area Data as a basis for splitting your total value across the Sectors. The logic here is that tourist will buy these in the same relative proportions as they are produced in the region. For this method you would sum the Output values of all the Sectors you are interested in targeting (402-410 based on what you have described below). Then divide each individual Sector's Output by the total of all their Outputs. This provides you the percentage of total production in those Sectors that belongs to each Sector. We recommend summing your ratios to ensure they equal 1.00 and then you can multiply your Industry Sales value by the respective ratios of each Sector and thus manually split the tourist value. Unfortunately if you don't have any better data for doing the splits, these are the only two methods available. Please let us know if you have any additional questions, Implan Support Staff
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