how to include OPI in the multipliers


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    Hi Thomas The only way to really shift the Value Added : Intermediate Expenditures ratios is by breaking the Sector down for Analysis-by-Parts. Here is some documentation to help you with that process. Where what you are trying to do with differ from a standard Analysis-by-Parts for an Industry Spending Pattern is that, since you are wanting to change the relative ratios of spending you will need to normalize the imported spending pattern using the Events Options> Change All> Normalize Events. You should see when you do this that the Sum of Event Values moves from .08 to 1.00. You will then need to determine what portion of your total expenditure value goes to Intermediate Expenditures for your polo analysis and use this as the Activity Level. The remaining value should be split across your Value Added factors (Value Added = Employment Compensation + Proprietor Income + Other Property Type Income + Taxes on Production) of which the Employment Compensation and Proprietor Income components can be modeled with your Labor Income Change Activity. A couple of cautions here. OPI is leaked out of the Model because we don't know how it is spent, so even if it is local if the way the money is spent is unknown, you won't want to put them into the Multiplier calculations. Also even if the polo industry is not generating a profit, entities within the analysis may be still be generating a profit, for example you mention rental homes, are the rental homes themselves not generating a profit, or is it just the organization as a whole not generating a profit or operating at a loss? One other thought, the polo program is only one aspect of tourism. It looks like you have other expenditures that you are including as well, these may and hopefully are running at a profit, so unless you know additional information about these other Industries not making profits, we typically recommend leaving them with IMPLAN estimates. Hopefully this helps to address your questions and concerns. Please let us know if you have any additional questions. IMPLAN Support Team
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