Operation and Construction Analyses - duplication?


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    Hi Anne, Thank you for your post! When it comes to construction, you are correct the Capital Expenditures are not included in the Operations Sector for the Coal Industry. However Capital Expenditures are not in the construction sector either. This article further discusses Capital Expenditures: http://implan.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&layout=edit&id=468. Even if the money is spent locally, unless you are sure that the Capital Expenditures were produced locally you need to be sure to apply SAM Model Value to these Events. In regards to the question of combining the construction and operational impact for a total impact for 2013, you can do so without double counting. The concern about combing these impacts is that while the operations impact is something that is ongoing and permanent the construction impact is temporary and is a one time only event. The caution is to be careful on how you report your impacts. When reporting Employment impacts, the construction impacts will be supported while the operations more than likely will be created. Also, IMPLAN's employment values are reported as a head count with a roll up of Full Time, Part Time and Seasonal; not as Full Time. In regards to double counting; while the construction, Capital Expenditures, and operational values may purchase from the same local vendors, they would each need their own items to incorporate into their own production. Likewise, if employees are duplicated between these Industries, in which case Employment would be double-counted, but this seems unlikely, this would be your only place for concern, because the Labor Income values would be unique payments from each Industry to their respective employees for their work done in that Industry.
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