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    Hi David, That would be the main reason for your residential employment findings. While the majority of the construction is occurring in Pikin County, CO; the workers are not employed in that county. Nor would those employees be spending the majority of their Labor Income dollars there as well. Although there will be monies spent in Pitkin County from the workers the majority of those labor dollars will be where those workers live. This article discusses how you can modify Labor Income to correctly reflect only Household expenditures for local workers. As a suggestion, you could perform an MRIO analysis linking Pitkin County and the county where the construction firms reside together. MRIO demonstrates how an impact in your Study Area disperses into other regions and allows you to see how these effects in surrounding area create additional local effects. Here is an article that speaks more to the MRIO method: As regards your question about the derivation and validity of IMPLAN Employment. Our Employment information incorporates two primary federal data sets: QCEW and REA. IMPLAN jobs follow BEA definitions of head counts. As stated above only workers employed in firms in your county will be shown in the data set. This article describes in greater detail how these two primary data sets and the CBP are used in creating IMPLAN data. If you want to know more about how we estimate the non-disclosures, this article address that aspect of the Employment data development: Construction Sectors are somewhat unique in that we create our construction Sectors from Census descriptions rather than NAICS codes to assist our users, so that they do not need to construct a building from it's component NAICS based parts and also because it is Sector with high proprietors. This article briefly address some additional information about construction Sector Employment. In addition, IMPLAN is one of two calculation methodologies that are approved for job impact calculations for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and for the EB-5 program, both of which are job driven federal programs and rely heavily on construction for their impacts. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns. Thanks! --Implan Support Staff
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