Can you count sales of real estate for job creatio


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    Hello, IMPLAN can be used to model the impacts of the construction of the condos. This can be done by at least using the total cost of the project (Industry Sales), Employment or Labor Income. IMPLAN can be used to model the sale of those condos, but there are some considerations. - The sale of a condo generally doesn't have much impact expect to those making commission on the sale. - The sale of the condos likely won't have a large enough impact to create any jobs, instead it is more likely to support jobs. For the 440 Sectoring scheme, 360 is a sector that takes rental and home mortgage payments and handle management of apartment complexes. This sector would be appropriate to apply any fees for the sale of the condos, not for the commission of the sale. The commission of the sale can be examined using a Labor Income Change and either as Proprietor Income of Employee Compensation.
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