Impact of Start-Ups and MSA vs State Impacts


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    Hello, To answer your questions, yes, you can customize your Event to show no Proprietors Income, if the jobs created are all wage and salary workers and there will be no owners or partnerships developed by the incubator. Since you have info on the number of jobs, you will want to select your best fitting sector to where these jobs are created from, set the Event Year to the year of your wage values, then enter the salary value into the Event then modify the Employee Compensation and 0 out the Proprietor Income. One other caveat is that the spending value of the wages over 5 years will vary. It sounds like the wages you have are the anticipated year 1 wages. Is that correct? If so, you would want to model only the first year's wages and the first year's employment with the appropriate Event Year. You could then use the remaining Employment growth over the remaining 4 years to estimate the new wages and production associated to that growth. (i.e. if there are a total of 50 jobs and 10 jobs are added each year, each annual Event would have 10 jobs- this way you are modeling the new growth and not mixing sustained sales with new growth in your analysis).
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