I am looking at the Export data for 2012 and 2013. Where does this data come from? The data I see on the Census Bureau site shows exports increasing in 2013 from 2013. The IMPLAN data for the US and Arizona shows exports decreasing in 2013 from 2012. Is there no one place I can go to on your website to find where the data specifically comes from?
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  • The Exports value in the Model Overview screen includes both domestic and foreign exports, so it cannot be compared to Commerce's value except in the case of the U.S. model, which does not have domestic exports. We are in the process of converting all of documentation from our old website to the more organized and visually-appealing one you currently see, so we apologize and ask for your patience in finding data information as we continue to fill out the new website. The foreign trade data we use for shippable commodities come from U.S. Census Bureau and are at the U.S. level only. We remove transshipments (imports that land on U.S. soil but are not brought in for use by any U.S. industry or final demander, but rather are just re-exported). We do not use Census data on foreign trade by state because they are based on origin of movement, not origin of production, which tends to inflate trade that happens in states that are near seaports, where much packaging and consolidation happens. Since Arizona is inland, it’s likely that some of the commodities it produces for export are attributed to a coastal state. Also, keep in mind that the state-level data are similarly for shippable commodities only and thus will not include the trade of services. In IMPLAN, service imports/exports are based on the latest BEA Benchmark controlled to current NIPA account overall import/export totals. Sub-U.S. regions are assumed to export/import at the same rate as the U.S. You shouldn't feel obligated to search if you can't find your answers, we always accept queries on our Support Forum. Best regards, IMPLAN Group Staff

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