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    Hi Brigid, In the attached spreadsheet, the tab “2007” is the original data we got from the BEA (Use table). In the “Construction” tab, we've copy/pasted those 3 residential construction sectors’ columns, calculated percentages, and sorted by percentage. There, you can see that the number one purchase is made from “Other Retail”. If you flip back to the “2007” tab, you will see highlighted in yellow that the latest BM does not have as much sector detail in retail as it used to – so this “Other Retail” sector includes Furniture, Electronics, Health and personal care, Gas stations, Clothing, Sporting goods, Miscellaneous, and Non-store retailers! So we had to split the purchase of this single “Other Retail” commodity into these 8 sectors based on earlier Benchmark tables that had those sectors. We hope this helps and please let us know if you have any additional questions, IMPLAN Support Team [attachment=643]hec68b42.xlsx[/attachment]
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