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    Hey Larry, Unfortunately we aren't going to have much additional help to offer here especially since the majority of the splits you are looking to do are within a single NAICS code. But we do have a few thoughts. For Sector 19, since you have a NAICS split and the BLS data you can certainly use this data to split the Study Area Data Sector. For the remaining Sectors, to try to determine how much of the Study Area Data is driven by wood products our best thought is to use the split between upholstered (337121) vs. wood (337122) vs. metal (337124) vs. other (337125) household furniture as a proxy for the same split for institutional furniture. Similarly, you could use the split between wood (337211) + custom wood (337212) vs. non-wood (337214) as a proxy for the same split for 337215. This would definitely be a very rudimentary split but possibly better than nothing. Please let us know if you have any additional questions. IMPLAN Support Team
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