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Hello, I'm working on a project that involves estimating the impacts of changing fishing conditions on commercial fisheries. I was wondering what the full extent of the "Commercial Fishing" sector was. does it include processing? or does it just represent the actual people doing the fishing?
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  • Hi Peter! Thank you for your post. The Commerical Fishing Sector (17 in the 536 Sectoring Scheme) is just the operations of Commerical Fishing. You can actually see what the Spending Pattern entails for this Sector: Explore Menu > Social Accounts > Industry Balance Sheets > Commodity Demand. This screen will also give you a total % of Commodities for this sector. That % will never be 100% as this is just a Spending Pattern and the remaining % can be found in the next tab (Value Added); this is the Labor Income component. You can also move forward in the supply-chain and it will impact commercial fishing natively. I was also wondering if you could clarify what you meant about changing conditions and how you are moving that into the software. Thanks!
  • Thank you for the quick reply! We will be using a model that predicts fish sale price based on year on fish catch volume(as predicted by a biophysical model) and year of the catch. Changes in total revenue predicted by the model will drive sales changes within the commercial fishery sector in IMPLAN.
  • Hi Peter Thank you for the follow up response. It sounds like what you are trying to do is use your biophysical Model to estimate how much fish will be available for processors in a given year and estimate the variable cost paid for those fish based on supply and demand. Is that correct? While we certainly can help you with some elements therein, IMPLAN isn't designed to reflect price elasticities and to see how those will impact upstream Industries, and natively it is fixed-input model with static ratios of Intermediate Expenditures to Value Added. Thus it is designed to look at the potential impact of changes in the economy based on the current structure and function of the economy. If this is the basis of what you are trying to accomplish is something more in the line of the above, we can certainly work with you to assist you in breaking the supply-chain linkages as well as varying the structure of the Industry, but we want to be sure to warn you ahead of time that this is more laborious than working within the standard usage of the Model. If we are misinterpreting what you are trying to do, please let us know, as we are glad to help in other ways with additional clarity as well. Hopefully this helps --Implan Support Staff
  • Hello, We aren't interested in particular with fish processing. Our concern is really just whether or not prices received by fishermen would be the appropriate value to use in driving impacts to the commercial fisheries sector. Thank you!
  • Hi Peter! Thank you for the clarification. Yes, IMPLAN can help with ascertaining that information. This would be accomplished by entering your Industry Sales or Output Value. However, IMPLAN will not be able to tell you either if those prices to sell the fish are feasible! I have also included an article about the [url=]Key Assumptions[/url] of IMPLAN. In your analysis, the assumption of Fixed Input Structure, found in this article, is important to take note. Thanks!

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