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    Hi Michael, Thank you for your post! The Sector for deer hunting can not be clearly pin pointed to a specific Sector without a little more information as the answer actually isn't that straight-forward, as it depends on how you are defining deer hunting. Assuming you are using the 536 Sectoring Scheme, 2013 data sets, here are some options. Are you thinking of say Industrial type hunting (Sector 18) which is described by the following NAICS descriptions? Game preserves, commercial 18 114210 Game retreats 18 114210 Hunting preserves 18 114210 Or more like rural Nebraska farmers who offer hunting services which fall under 496 for Hunting Clubs and Guide Services, according to these descriptions: Guide services (i.e., fishing, hunting, tourist) 496 713990 Guide services, hunting 496 713990 Hunting clubs, recreational 496 713990 Hunting guide services 496 713990 Or perhaps you are thinking of hunting more in terms of tourist like Activities where you are looking to determine the impact of licensing deer hunters, what the hunters themselves spend while they are in the area on groceries meals, etc. If this last type is the case IMPLAN can help you show the impacts of those hunters, but you will need to know how the hunters spend (amounts and types of spending) and bring those to the Model. Often your local tourism board may develop some of these types of expenditures. Hopefully this helps --Implan Support Staff
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