What is new sector for old sector 437 (Police)?


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    Hello, You can use any Sector that best fits from 531-534 because of this being short term for the short term payroll. However, if you feel that there will be some Intermediate Expenditures being spent, you can use the spending pattern for police. Here is where to find the spending pattern: For 2013 year, 536 Sectors 1. download the SLGovt spending by program 536Sector model 2. Extract the file and place it in this folder: C:\Documents\MIG\Implan\Utilities 3. Open IMPLAN Activities screen and find the Import>From Another Model> navigate to where you copied the downloaded model to (C:\Documents\MIG\Implan\Utilities) select it to open. Its named SLGovt_spending_by_program_536Sector.impdb 4. A new window opens, this is where you will need to find the spending pattern for police. Its about midway down named State & Local Govt construction police. 5. Activity Level becomes your budget amount. You then can model the Labor Income with a Labor Income Change. If they are private hired security officers, there is a sector for that, sector 467. Please let us know if you have any further questions.
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