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    Hello, You describe 5 different setups of MRIO analyzes. We suggest building the models for each individual county, and the Rest of State counties for less each of the 4 counties. (8 models.) You can create 5 folders for each of your MRIO iterations, and copy each iteration of the models into the specific folders. Organization is key, whereas IMPLAN only can read a model in a specific folder once. Example: a folder could be created for MRIO1, MRIO2, MRIO3, MRIO4 & MRIO5. MRIO1 Direct model: A Linked models: B, C, D & ROS. MRIO2 Direct model: B Linked models: A, C, D & ROS MRIO3 Direct model: C Linked models: A, B, D & ROS MRIO4 Direct model: D Linked models: A, B, C & ROS MRIO5 Direct model: Counties A-B-C-D Linked models: ROS. For adding them together, if the impacts are not interlinked, (i.e. an ethanol plant in region A is run in region A and Corn grown in region B for the ethanol plant in A is used as a Direct impact in region B) Please let us know if you have any further questions.
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