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    Hi Iuliia! I apologize for the delay in our response to your forum post. The Effects are actually described per million dollars. The type SAM Multipliers are unitless. For example, if I have: 10 All other crop farming 23.666649 3.218294 3.247707 30.132650 1.135984 1.273212 This means that for every million dollars, I have: ~24 Direct jobs, ~3 Indirect jobs, ~ 3 Induced jobs, and approximately total 30 total jobs. If I divide cm/cm then I have a unitless value because the cm cancel themselves out. The same is true if I divide Total Jobs/Direct Jobs, the jobs cancel and I'm left with a straight up value- a Multiplier. So in this case for every 1 job I have in the Direct Effect I have that job and .14 jobs in the Indirect Effects for the Type I of 1.135984 and for every 1 job I have in the Direct I have 1.27 jobs in the total economy. You can prove this by taking your initial job value multiplying it by the SAM Multiplier and seeing that you get you total job effect. Or if you want to do it with your own values if you take you Direct job figure and multiply by the type SAM you'll get the total jobs associated to your impact results. This means you can either talk about jobs per million dollars of investment (30- or the Total Effect) or you can talk about jobs generated per job in the economy (Type I or Type SAM), but you cannot mix the terminology/definitions. I hope that this helps!
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