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I have been using the software on my desktop (appliance free) for a few years, but now need to install on my laptop as well for a big project in which I will be working away from my desk in order to meet deadlines. I have previously used the appliance on this laptop, but it has been a while. The first message that I received was that I would need to uninstall the old version, which I did. Then, upon install, got message asking about whether I wanted to copy info over from appliance. I do not, since I have not used the appliance in several years. However, I now just get an error trying to open and it tells me to attach appliance. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
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  • Hi Janice, It will probably be easiest to handle this issue over logmein, so we can take a look at your configuration file. Please give us a call at 651.439.4421. Thank you.
  • Hi Janice, We would prefer to handle this issue over logmein as that will help us to better troubleshoot your software and your configuration file. Please give us a call at your convenience 651.439.4421. Thanks! And sorry that you are running into this issue.

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