Child care Multiplier and comparison


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    Thank you for your post. 1. You are correct in your Output calculations. In regards to deriving an Employment value this depends on the value you are starting with. If you are using column 4 then you are right on! If you using column 3 then.... "Each entry in column 3 represents total change in number of jobs that occurs in all industries for each additional 1 million dollars of output delivered to final demand by the industry corresponding to the entry. Because the employment multipliers are based on regional data, the output delivered to final demand should be in regional year dollars." In your example: 1.24 direct employment Multiplier cost is $538,605 x 1.79 (the output multiplier Type SAM) = 964,102.95 Employment would be less than a part time job. 2. The report that I believe you are referencing, shows the 'Detail Multipliers' across these Sectors (i.e. how much of the total SAM Multipliers go to each of the listed Industries). This shows the distribution of backward linkages across supporting Industries to childcare but this report is specific to childcare. You can compare childcare in different states, but not to other Industries. If you wanted to compare it to other industries you would need to purchase the regional report for TN, which would include all Industries in the state of TN. Thanks!
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