Reinstalling IMPLAN v3 issues

I had IMPLAN v3 installed on my system through the external hard drive appliance. I uninstalled this version and have been trying to install a local version. When I try to launch the new installation, it prompts me to re-connect the hard drive appliance. I've tried several uninstalls/reinstalls, deleting shortcuts, and the like and still the problem persists. Ideally, I would like a purely local install on my machine that doesn't require the external hard drive to be connected. Is there a different way to completely remove the old install? Do I need to delete registry keys and if so which ones?
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  • Hello, We apologize IMPLAN is giving you issues. Please feel free to call 651-439-4421 line 4 to speak with a technical support agent. We would like to use the remote desktop web application found at to assist us in troubleshooting. Our business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30AM to 6:00PM Easter Standard Time. Best regards, IMPLAN Group Staff

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