Imputing propensity to consume by household income


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    Hi Brent! Thank you for your post. To answer your 2nd question, yes you can see in the Software the actual spending increase for the income group. You can view this information in two ways: 1. (Social Accounts > Social Account Reports > Household Local Commodity Demand) - This will give you the Household Spending by Category for the study region 2. Scenario Results > Detail Results - This will show you the breakdown of how $x change in the economy will impact the other 536 Sectors. There is no way to determine marginal propensity to consume from the IMPLAN Model, but you can determine net savings rates in the SAM as payments from Households (column) to Capital (row). If you do not mind providing us with additional information about your study, we can provide further assistance in the setup of your study. If you could also let us know the Activity Type you are using for this analysis. Thanks!
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