Impact of local government hiring


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    Hello, The best way to model this is as follows. 1. You need to pick the government payroll sector that best fits the payroll. Once selected, enter in the 10 jobs into employment. (If not seen, Event Options>Show>Show All) 2. Implan will estimate an Industry sales value for you. 3. We suggest modeling operations as well. You can use this Industry Sales value (from the Event) as the value for you Institutional Spending Pattern's Activity Level. - Import the best matching Institution Spending Pattern found in Activity Options>Import>Institution Spending Pattern 4. In the Institution Spending Pattern, the last 2 commodities will be payments to payroll. Go ahead and delete these Events (since you are already modeling payroll) and then normalize the Events with Event Options>Change All>Normalize, so that the Sum of Event Values = 1.0. 5. Then run the impacts in separate Scenarios and add them together. This will mean the Total Effects of the spending pattern, would be placed in the Indirect Effects, and then the sector 533 by-itself results would be the Induced. Please let us know if you have additional questions. IMPLAN Group Staff
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