Modeling Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E)


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    HI Andrew! Thank you for your post. Prior to modeling your construction impact in the software, you will want to separate your Construction cost from the FFE expenses. This is due to the Construction spending pattern does not include those FFE inputs. We recommend creating a separate Activity from the Construction to model the FFE's. This way you can also look at the individual impacts as well as a total impact. If you were able to break out the FFE into categories and had a value of those purchases; the appropriate Sector to impact depends in large part as to where those products where being purchased from (Producer, Retailer or Wholesaler). If from the Retailer or Wholesaler, then you would impact the producing Sector and apply Margins. If just from the Producer then impact that producing Sector but you would not apply those Margins. In addition, if you decide to hand enter those FFE's, regardless if Margins is applied or not, we recommend setting LPP= SAM Model Value. This will let the model decide for you if you are not sure if the producer of the FFE are local or if your sure it isn't produced locally but want the potential local Value Chain impacts or Margin %. If you do not know what specifically is being purchased but able to split out the Construction cost from the FFE's; you could decide to put the entire value into the Wholesale Sector. Or you could use of the BEA's FFE Spending Pattern that most closely matches the type of building you are constructing; found here: Another option is to use the BEA's FFE with Structures Spending Pattern: This is used if you are not able to make a split between your FFE's and the construction of the structure. In the IMPLAN Pro platform you would select Activity Options > Import > From another Model > find the location where you placed the spending pattern and select the appropriate and closest category/ commodity that best describes the FFE's. The other option is to not model the FFE's but to mention though in your report that $x was spent towards those FFE's. As an additional thought, if those FFE's were not purchased or produced in the region you are building your Model on, then there will not be any impacts associated to the FFE's. Thanks
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