How to reflect Wholesale Diesel purchases


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    Hi Lisa! Thank you for your post. Our recommendation is to Margin the Petroleum Producing Sector. As this will provide you with a split of the Value Chain (Producer, Transporter, Wholesaler and Retailer). Then, since the Retailer's portion is not relevant in your situation, the diesel is not being purchased from the Gas Station; the Retailer's Margin can be removed. In addition, if you are unsure if all parts of the Value Chain are occurring locally; we recommend setting your LPP to the SAM Model Value. Here is the link to our article that details how to margin a producing Sector: This will captures the transportation from the refiner to the wholesaler and from the wholesaler to the retailer. If you decide to zero out the Retail margin, the Transportation margin will not decrease, so it will include both legs of the trip. We can assume in this case that the second leg is to the government agency rather than to a retail outlet. Thanks!
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