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    Hello, Unfortunately not. The main sources we use for Output are: 1. Annual Survey of Manufactures (for manufacturing sectors), which is more aggregate than the IMPLAN sectoring scheme. 2. the BEA’s Output series (for most service sectors), which very closely aligns with the IMPLAN sectoring scheme (somewhat more aggregate). 3. The Census Bureau’s Annual Retail Trade Survey and Monthly Retail Trade Report, which roughly match the IMPLAN sectoring scheme 4. A few other sources for specific sectors like Owner-Occupied Dwellings, Government, etc. We do not know of any data source that has output for all 6-digit NAICS codes. Our most detailed sources are for the Agriculture data (we use a combination of data from NASS, ERS Cash Receipts, and the Census of Agriculture). One suggestion for the user is to use the 6-digit-level CEW data to disaggregate these various sources to the 6-digit level. This is somewhat crude and comes with some caveats (e.g., the CEW data do not include proprietors and do not fully cover a few sectors) but is probably defensible in the absence of other means. Please let us know if you have additional questions. IMPLAN Group Staff
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