Imports in Final Demand

Where do I find the table that shows the imports column in final demand? In the "Institution Industry Demand" table, there is exports, but no imports. In the "Industry Output/Outlay Summary" table, there is "intermediate imports". I do see "institution imports" by commodity in the "Commodity Trade" table. Is there an "institution imports by industry" table, instead of by commodity?
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  • Hello, In the Explore> Industry Accounts there is an export for the Industry Detail x Row Detail report. In the exported report you can see what each local Industry pays to foreign and domestic trade. If you're looking for where the total comes from for the column of Institutional Final Demand in the Model Overview, that is the summation of Intermediate Imports and Institutional imports. Unfortunately however, there is nowhere in the Model to get the breakdown of Institutional imports by Industry. Please let us know if you have additional questions. IMPLAN Group Staff
  • In the Explore> Social Accounts, the "Commodity Trade" shows "total imports". For the US model, this would be imports from foreign countries. But in a state model, does it still refer to foreign imports, or imports from other states and foreign countries? If the latter, for a state model, is it possible to see foreign imports only, like you have it for exports, where you distinguish between domestic and foreign exports. Thanks.
  • Hello While you will not be able to break it down by what Commodities are being imported or which states domestic trade is coming from but domestic trade is separated from foreign trade in the SAM and foreign trade is only international trade. If you want to see the foreign commodity imports these can be most easily found in the Explore> Industry Accounts>IxI SAM View By: DETAIL SAM. It is important that you use this SAM because it provides transfer type codes and the commodity imports are one of three import types of foreign trade. The value found at the intersection of the FOREIGN TRADE ROW 15051 and the TOTAL column is the value of foreign imports to the Study Area region. I hope that this helps! Thanks.
  • Explore> Industry Accounts>IxI SAM View By: DETAIL SAM has total imports from foreign countries to a study area, but the information is not available by commodity or industry, whereas Explore> Social Accounts "Commodity Trade" table has imports by commodity, but unless the study area is USA, the imports apparently include both domestic and foreign imports. Is there a table that shows only foreign imports by commodity for a given study area?
  • Hi Qiang Ma, Unfortunately there is not direct way to get this out of the Model but you can calculate, below is the methodology you'd use. We apologize for misunderstanding your inquiry. To Calculate Foreign Imports: While the foreign imports information is not currently in any of the reports, the data necessary to calculate foreign imports is all available in the reports: 1. Go to Explore > Social Accounts > Social Account Reports tab > View By: Commodity Summary and jot down Total Gross Commodity Demand. 2. Go to Customize > Trade Flows > Trade Model tab, copy/paste the table into Excel and sum the first column of data (Local Domestic Commodity Demand). This is the amount of local demand that is met by domestic suppliers (i.e., locally supplied + supplied by the rest of the U.S.) 3. Subtract the value in step 2 from the value in step 1. These are your total foreign imports. Note: this can be done for every commodity - you would just skip the summing part of step 2. Note: in a U.S. model, all trade is foreign trade. To Calculate Domestic Imports: In Explore>Social Accounts>IxC Social Accounting Matrix, find the cell that is in the Industry column and Domestic Trade row. That is domestic imports by all industries (not by institutions, though). If you want this by industry, you will need to export the “Industry Detail SAM File” from that table, and look up the industry breakout of that value, as well as institutional values. Note that this doesn't provide any commodity detail, however. V3 has no direct means of showing domestic import by commodity. If you have a U.S. Total file you can derive that figure by identifying Gross Commodity Demand in your local model (Explore Social Accounts>Commodity Summary), remove the share of that which is foreign imports, which is estimated as the same as the national share of foreign imports for that commodity (i.e. if the USA imports 10% of grains, every region within the US imports 10% of grains). Then from that number, subtract Local Commodity Demand (Customize > Trade Flows > Trade Model tab > Local Use of Local Supply), and that is an estimate of domestic imports by commodity. Thanks! IMPLAN Staff

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