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    Hello, You can add OPI to direct value added when doing ABP, as you mentioned, if you have an estimate of OPI. If you don’t have an estimate of direct OPI, we would suggest taking one of your known values (Employment, for example) and multiplying it by the OPI/Employment ratio for that industry, which calculated from the information in the Explore > Study Area screen. Yes, OPI has implications for the tax impact, but only for the “Corporations” column. One workaround is to find any industry with OPI, run an industry change event, and take note of the direct tax impacts in the corporations column as a ratio of the OPI from that event. To find the direct OPI of the industry event, take note of the industry sales, employment, or employee compensation value when setting up the event, and calculate the event’s OPI based on that industry’s ratio of OPI to industry sales (or whatever variable you chose), also found in the Explore > Study Area screen. You likely will want to perform this same exercise with TOPI if you have an estimate of direct TOPI for your ABP scenario. Please let us know if you have additional questions. IMPLAN Group Staff
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