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    Hi! Thank you for your forum post. It sounds as if you are trying to identify the appropriate Operations Sector for the open air soccer stadium. 489- Commercial Sports Except Racing 491- Stadium Operators To assist in your sector selection you can also reference: Explore > Social Accounts > Industry Balance Sheets > Select your Sector > Commodity Demand or Commodity Production. Commodity Production will list the material or inputs needed to make the Sectors Production. Commodity Production will tell you what this Sector produces. Since Sector 489 Includes: Athletes, independent (i.e., participating in live sports events) 489 711219 Automobile racing teams 489 711219 Boxers, independent professional 489 711219 Dog owners, race (i.e., racing dogs) 489 711219 Dog racing kennels 489 711219 Drivers, harness or race car 489 711219 Figure skaters, independent 489 711219 Golfers, independent professional (i.e., participating in sports events) 489 711219 Harness drivers 489 711219 Horse racing stables 489 711219 Jockeys, horse racing 489 711219 and Sector 491 Agents, artists' 491 711410 Agents, authors' 491 711410 Agents, celebrities' 491 711410 Agents, entertainers' 491 711410 Agents, modeling 491 711410 Agents, public figures' 491 711410 Agents, sports figures' 491 711410 Agents, talent 491 711410 Agents, theatrical talent 491 711410 Artists' agents or managers 491 711410 Authors' agents or managers 491 711410 Celebrities' agents or managers 491 711410 Entertainers' agents or managers 491 711410 Literary agents 491 711410 Management agencies for artists, entertainers, and other public figures 491 711410 Managers, authors' 491 711410 Managers, celebrities' 491 711410 Sector 489 would be our recommendation. You do not necessarily need to have a value of production or an Industry Sales value. You can use your Employment value as an input. IMPLAN will then fill in the rest of the input fields (Industry Sales, Employee Compensation and Proprietor Income) based on your Employment value. As an order of Operations, you will want to set your Event Year first before entering your Input value (Employment). You had also mentioned construction jobs- since these jobs are typically site to site; we recommend considering construction jobs as supported. As an additional thought; if the construction company is outside the region many of the jobs and inputs may be imports and the Labor Income might not stay in the region. As something to consider, is the new soccer stadium replacing another stadium or this is a completely new stadium? If not new, then the operational impact should be net the stadium that is closing, or net the losses of the downturn in the other stadium's usage. It is good to keep these two types of analyses separate in the report. Thanks!
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