Impact of increased revenues for a casino


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    Hello Matt, In IMPLAN, taxes resulting from an industry change are collected and shown in the Tax Impact table on the Results screen. These taxes are considered a leakage and are not spent; therefore, you will not see an impact resulting from the spending of these taxes. Taxes resulting from an impact are handled this way because predicting how taxes will be spent is problematic. 1. There is no guarantee that taxes collected are spent in the same year. 2. There is no guarantee that taxes are spent in the same region (depending on the study region selected) 3. There is no way to know exactly how the revenue will be spent -government operations, investments, construction, etc. If you are fine with accepting the above limitations and want to see the impact of both the increased casino revenue and the taxes produced by the increased revenue, you can impact the casino sector for the increased revenue as an industry change, calculate your local tax, and then utilize the institutional spending pattern for local government at the calculated local tax. The combination of these to activities will equal the collected impact. This article may be of use. Regards, IMPLAN Staff
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