Allocation of spending in a jurisdiction


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    Hi Edward, Thank you for posting your question! When IMPLAN reports Indirect, this is the spending between businesses to purchase or replenish their supplies/commodities to make their production. The Indirect Spending as well as the Induced and Direct results are just what is occurring in the Study Region. The spending that occurs from outside of the region is not captured in the Model and it is considered leakage. Since our IMPLAN Sectors can include a multitude of NAICS Codes; there maybe a business that you would not anticpaite reporting to a specific NAICS code that maps to the Industry you think is not in the region. You can view in the Study Area Data, to see which Sectors/Industry exist in the region. IMPLAN Pro Explore > Study Area Data IMPLAN Online: Model Overview > Study Area Data I hope that this helps! Thanks.
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