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    Hello Zafer, The Tax Impact report splits taxes by State & Local and Federal. Your $133,155 is the Direct State & Local Total. However, the Direct TOPI value in Detailed Results is all TOPI (both State & Local and Federal). If you subtract the Federal Direct TOPI Total from your $149,243 Direct TOPI in the Detail Results, the remainder will be the State & Local TOPI. You can calculate a tax rate relative to your interest. For example, per $ of Output or Per $ of Value-Added. While your questions do not relate directly to the type of tax, we do want to note that the break-out of TOPI into its various components is not industry-specific. For example, the same percentage of TOPI goes to Sales Tax regardless of industry. Below is a link to an article discussing the Tax Impact Report. Generation and Interpretation of IMPLAN's Tax Impact Report Regards, IMPLAN Staff
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