Household Spending in Transaction Table

Hello, You all have been so helpful in the past I am trying the forum again. If I wanted to find the household spending (industry code 426) for the IxI transactions table, would that be a function of changing the settings to include households or would I have to get the data from different tables? What I am trying to do is have two types of models, one open to households and one closed. Am I missing something? Thank you, Kyle
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  • Hello Kyle, The IxI Transaction table will not include household spending on industries. You can see how much households spend on an industry by navigating to Industry Accounts > Reports Tab > View By: Household Industry Demand. If you are seeking to run impacts in which Households are not included as part of the Type SAM multiplier, you can navigate to File > User Preferences > Multipliers. You will need to perform this action before building your model. You can see which institutions have been internalized by navigating to Model Overview and clicking on the Multiplier Specification dropdown. The article below discusses the Type SAM Multiplier Regards, IMPLAN Staff

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