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Hi, In the new IMPLAN online version (using 2015), the cutoffs for the household income categories have changed. (see table below): (1) Could you provide an explanation for this change or send a link towards some documentation on this? (2) The Social Accounting Matrix uses the NEW household income categories in rows, but the OLD household income categories in columns. Is this a label issue in the columns? If not, could you explain why the SAM would mix the two household income categories? Thanks. Household income categories ($2015) (NEW) Household income categories ($2015) (OLD) Households LT15k Households LT10k Households 15-30k Households 10-15k Households 30-40k Households 15-25k Households 40-50k Households 25-35k Households 50-70k Households 35-50k Households 70-100k Households 50-75k Households 100-150k Households 75-100k Households 150-200k Households 100-150k Households 200k+ Households 150k+
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  • Hello Sylvia, The BLS Consumer Expenditure Survey changed their categories, and we changed our household income categories to reflect that change. After a quick search of their site, we were able to find this statement by the BLS (link below), "CE evaluated the income ranges on the published standard table, and found that over time the number of consumer units in the lowest income columns had decreased." We suspect that this category change is due to slowly increasing household incomes over time, but for further information, we recommending contacting the BLS. The variance in household income category labels in the SAM is indeed a labeling error. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Regards, IMPLAN Staff

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