Consumption and imported goods

Hi, I am interested in measuring the impact on employment and GDP of an increase in the purchasing power of households (using the module of the "household income change") at the national level. Could you confirm that the impact that we read in the column "Total value added" is an impact resulting from an increase in domestic consumption only (as opposed to an impact resulting from domestic consumption and consumption of imported goods)? Many thanks.
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  • Hello Sylvia, The values in the Summary Results table represent the dollars that are spent in the region due to local (to the region; therefore, domestic if using a national model) purchases of goods and services. Note that retail services are a commodity. Purchases of products produced outside the study region but sold through a local retailer will result in local purchases of the retail services commodity. In addition, a Household Income Change activity spreads spending across consumption, taxes, and savings. Taxes and Savings are considered leakages and will not result in further impacts, but the event input amount entered in the Household Income Change activity will be reduced by the portions that go to savings and taxes prior to being applied to the Household consumption. Regards, IMPLAN Staff

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