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We are working on the impact on film projects in our county and are using the Industry Impact Analysis (Detailed) Event Type as recommended. When we ran the same impact but statewide, rather than just our county within the state, the impact was smaller. Why is this happening/should it be happening? 

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    This is not uncommon to see when comparing Results of a County level impact to that same impact on the state level. Thinking about why this could be the case, remember that the Results generated for a Region are going to be based on all of the regional specific identities and relationships (Output per worker, Regional Purchasing Coefficients, etc.).  All of these factors will vary by county, but the state level data will reflect an average across all counties in the state. These statewide averages can be drastically different than that of a particular county, leading to Results either being much larger, or smaller, when comparing the two.

    Hope this helps!

    Michael Nealy

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