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I have two questions about state and local government spending patterns.

1) This release note mentions a new State and Local Government institution: State and Local Government Hospitals and Health Services. Does this institution have an available spending pattern? I am using Pro, 2019 data, and I only see state and local gov non-education, education, and investment spending profiles available.

2) In the past I have made some use of state and local government operations patterns that have been available as an import from a holding model (as described in this blog post,Institutional%20activity%20in%20your%20region as Operations_Patterns_for_509Industries_MIG_Lib536.impdb). Are these patterns still available and updated for 2019 IMPLAN sectoring? If yes, where can I find them. I am curious what the data source is for these patterns, its age, and its likelihood of being updated in the future.

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  • Hi Cathy,

    1. The new State and Local Government institution: State and Local Government Hospitals and Health Services is only available in the latest version of IMPLAN at We've added a note in the linked article that there only 544 industries in the new scheme for Pro. This is due to the omission of any breakout of Employment and payroll of state govt, non-education and Employment and payroll of local govt, non-education (hospital and health services are rolled into non-education still in Pro).  

    2. These are still available. Instead of choosing "From Another Model", choose Import > Institution Spending Pattern. You'll find the same Institution Spending Patterns from the previous scheme:

    • State & Local Government
      • Education,
      • Non-education,
      • Investment.
    • Federal Government
      • Defense
      • Non-defense,
      • and Investment.

    Thank you,


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