How to calculate percent changes?

I'd like to calculate trends over time. I want to see how Employment has changed by Industry in Georgia starting in 2017 through the latest datasets (2019 and the quarterly data).

Can I do this in Data Library?

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  • Hello,

    I'd recommend starting by building your data query in the Industry Explore by filtering for State: Georgia. Then, filter and pivot on Data Year, including each of those Data Years you've listed. Finally, click/select the Employment Measure and the Industry Dimension you'd like to include in the query and run. 

    To calculate the change from one Data Year to another (listed as columns), you'll need to add a Table Calculation, by clicking the Calculations button available along the top of the Data query field. 

    This formula will calculate the change in Employment from column 1 (Year 1: 2017) to column 2 (Year 2: 2018) in each row. Notice below "1" and "2" refer to the column numbers. Add a Table Calculation for each change percentage and make the appropriate change to these values:

    (coalesce(pivot_index(${market_data.total_employment},2),0) - coalesce(pivot_index(${market_data.total_employment},1),0)) / (coalesce(pivot_index(abs(${market_data.total_employment}),1),0)



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