Impact Output from Industry Expenditure vs. Commodity Expenditure


I took the industry expenditure pattern of a sector for a county and tried to see its impact on the state level. The project had about 150 events, and the "type" was "Industry Spending Pattern". 

I then performed the same analysis with the commodity expenditure pattern of the same sector, which had about 200 events and the type was "Commodity output". 

The outputs of the two analyses are different in terms of total output, employment, etc. Since they are supposed to be the impact of the same industry (sector), shouldn't they be the same or at least similar? How can I explain the difference? 

Thank you.

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    I am not particularly sure what exactly you used at the inputs for these Events, but generally speaking, these two Event Types have two different interpretations. You can read more about the differences, and when you should use each, in our support article Explaining Event Types.

    Let me know if you have any further questions! 


    Michael Nealy

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