Different Induced Effects in Pro versus Online


I'm comparing results for a multi-industry contribution analysis that we conducted last year (2020 data year) using IMPLAN Pro versus those for the same year using the Online platform.  The direct and indirect results are either the same or very close.  However, induced results from the online analysis are substantially lower.

We publish reports annually and I'm sure people will ask about the lower induced values shown for our 2021 analysis (induced results are much lower than our 2020 pro analysis, but on par with those from the 2020 online analysis).

I assume that the online results are likely more accurate and am planning to add a note about it in our 2021 report.  So I'm wondering... how do I explain the different induced effects I'm seeing in Pro versus Online?  

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    There are a few reasons why the results of an analysis will be different in IMPLAN Pro vs IMPLAN Cloud (online), which are detailed in our support article - Ready to Leave Pro?

    Let me know if you have any additional questions!


    Michael Nealy

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