Analyze impacts of new barge port

Hello, we are working to analyze the potential impacts of developing a new barge port. We want to determine best approach to analyze the impacts of the construction and the ongoing operations, below is what we know and our questions:

Construction Impacts

  • Sector 56 seems most appropriate, do you agree? (Construction of other new nonresidential structures, harbor and port facilities)
  • Construction should take only one year
  • We have a total construction cost estimate in millions, (we'll pretend it's $20 million for confidentially reasons)
  • We do not have an estimate of FFE

Ongoing operation impacts

  • We want to only analyze the impacts of the port operations, not the operations of the barge companies that do business with the new port. Therefore, NAICS 488310/IMPLAN 420 seems best?
  • 5 new jobs will be created, for a total of $300,000 in compensation for these jobs
  • We expect $10 million in sales per year

So, what is the best way to set this up? We feel that there are two options:

  1. Create one event for construction, one for employee compensation, and one for industry output
  2. Use industry impact analysis (detailed), however, we are a little unsure of how we would setup appropriately so that we can report the construction impacts separately. Have reviewed some webinars about IIA, but still a bit unclear\


We appreciate any insight, thanks!

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  • Official comment

    Hi there!

    Industry 56 - Construction of other new nonresidential structures (Harbor and port facilities) would be correct. You can enter $20M in Output. You can use the IIA Event Type here as well. This will be your first event. For tips on modeling this, check out the article Construction: Building the Analysis. Ensure that you have the Dollar Year set to the year construction will occur.

    You will want to keep the construction and operations impacts separate. Create a second group with the Dollar Year to the first year of operations. The operations of the port would be best under Industry 420 - Scenic and sightseeing transportation and support activities for transportation. This will be your second event entering 5 wage & salary employees, $300K in EC, and $10M in Output using the IIA Event Type. If you create one event for EC and one for Output here, you will be double counting. 

    On the results screen, you can use the filters to split out the results from construction (event 1) and operations (event 2).

    You have a lot of questions here, so consider purchasing a project consultation if you need help further assistance.

  • Wonderful this helped to clear things up. Thank you so much always very helpful!


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