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I'm trying to recreate an analysis that was done in 2020 or 2021 using 2018 Implan data. As a new user of Implan, I'm not certain when the current version debuted, but I assume the analysis I'm trying to re-create used Implan Pro? I'm seeing some bigger differences in model results than anticipated, and I'm trying to figure out if it's because they (presumably) used a different version of Implan or if it's due to somewhat different inputs. With the change from Pro to V6, would older model year data have changed at all, especially RPCs?

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    Hello Liz!

    There are various differences between our legacy software (IMPLAN Pro) and the current version of IMPLAN Cloud. You can read about the differences in our support article - Ready to Leave Pro?

    The RPCs are specifically noted under the "Improved Trade Flows" section:

    "Due to its internal consistency and ability to account for spatial variables like the proximity and size of alternative markets, the trade flow method is presumed to be superior to the econometric method for estimating regional RPCs. The IMPLAN National Trade Flows Model uses actual trade data and estimations and a Gravity Model. In IMPLAN Pro, it required extensive amounts of data to be stored locally. For this reason, the state and county models in IMPLAN Pro use this option (unless you specify otherwise), but the zip codes and the US total used Econometric RPC which allowed Pro to make estimates without using the gravity model.

    The new version is based in the cloud so we don't have this limitation. This means states, counties, and zip codes all use the gravity model method to produce trade flows. The options for Supply Demand Pooling and Econometric RPCs are considered inferior and therefore not a part of the newest version of IMPLAN."

    Hope this helps!

    Michael Nealy

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