Plant Closing: ICA & Different Regions

I'm conducting several ICAs to measure the industry contribution of a large, closing plant across several regions (for different clients, same closing). My dilemma, one client wants to know the contribution to six nearby counties, yet not to include the county in which the plant actually is. We do know that there are significant suppliers to the plant within those six.

Would it be appropriate to conduct an ICA for the six, along with the plant's home county and then manually subtract the home county results? Knowing that the results will be only indirect and induced?   

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    It sounds like you will need to set up an MRIO for this analysis, and then manually filter for the other 6 counties within your Results. Our support article MRIO: Filtering Complex Analyses should be helpful here, but feel free to reach out with any follow up questions you may have!


    Michael Nealy

  • Thanks Michael!


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