Editing Industry Employment

I am conducting an ICA for the loss of a single industry. The closing industry currently employs 900, however the model shows employment as 643. Thus I need to add 257 employees.

Ideally I'd like to edit just the employment number and have the other related variables (income, output, etc.) adjust accordingly.

Is this possible? Best methodology- IMPLAN screen(s) to accomplish? 

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    One way to do this would be to set up a combination of two Event Types: Industry Contribution Analysis(ICA), and Industry Impact Analysis(IIA). Remember that when utilizing an ICA event, IMPLAN will restrict feedback linkages for each Industry that has an ICA Event within that particular group. So, if we combine an IIA event (where we specify the Output, Employment, TOPI, etc.) for Industry X in the same Group as an ICA Event in Industry X (with Output set to $1), we can effectively render our IIA Event as an ICA Event. For example, if we wanted to model the contribution of a full service restaurant in North Carolina that had 20 employees, and $1M of Output in 2022, we could set it up a such: 

    On the Results end of the analysis we would add a filter for just the IIA Event, and see that our Results match our Inputs (when Dollar Year is set to 2022 as it was on the Impact screen):

    From the Output tab of the Results, we can also see that those Indirect and Induced Effects to Industry 509 are correctly restricted, meaning we have created an Industry Contribution Analysis:

    Hope this helps!

    Michael Nealy


  • Let me try again.

    I have a plant closing, employs 900. Fortunately it is the only county business in that industry group. My IMPLAN model shows employment of 643, short 207 workers. I'd like to edit my region to add those 207 to the industry.

    When I have 900, then I'll conduct an ICA.



  • This would also work! Our article Adding an Industry that Doesn't Exist Yet by Customizing a Region cover's this process in depth. 

  • Excellent! Thanks Michael


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