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Based on a survey of regional suppliers to a single industry, can I edit RPC's? Would this be done via the  "Region Industry Commodity Demand" screen?

Is the RPC fixed regardless of the "Region" definition? That is, if I expand the region, shouldn't the RPC increase?


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    A Regional Purchasing Coefficient or RPC, is the proportion of local demand for a Commodity that is met by local production of this Commodity. You can calculate these by Commodity from Region Details > Social Accounts > Reports > Commodity Summary > Commodity Summary Table.  "Local Use of Local Supply" divided by "Total Gross Commodity Demand", will give you the RPC for this Commodity in the Region/Data Year. 

    With that being said, the RPC for a Commodity is not fixed, and will vary by Region or Data Year. Simply expanding the Region will not necessarily raise the RPC. The local use of local supply may increase with an expansion of a Region, but it is possible that the total gross commodity demand will increase by a larger value, potentially leaving us will a smaller RPC. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to edit these RPCs in IMPLAN Cloud, only the LPP. Read more about this in our support article Local Purchase Percentage (LPP) & Regional Purchase Coefficients (RPC)



    Michael Nealy

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