Calculating the Local Demand for Gasoline Relative to Total Gasoline Sales in the State of New York


We would like to know how much of gasoline sales in New York State are from Local Households as opposed to visitors.  In other words, we would like to say "Local residents consume XX% of gasoline sold in the state of New York."

Currently, we take the total household demand for commodity 3408 - 'Retail Services Gasoline Stores' from the Household Local Commodity Demand dataset and divide it by the region industry commodity production for 408 - 'Retail Services Gasoline Stores' in the Industry Commodity Production dataset. This calculation yields a total New York resident demand of 90.22%. 

Is this an appropriate method to derive the demand of gasoline from New York Residents?



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  • Hi Luke,

    Your current method is appropriate for calculating the portion of Industry production of the retail service that is consumed by local households.

    Two considerations:
    1. If you are really interested in gasoline itself, you should be looking at the Commodity 3154 - 'Refined Petroleum Products'. The Commodity 3408 does not include any of the value of the gasoline sold at gas stations. 

    2. For the total value of gasoline produced in the state, reference Total Commodity Supply to also include institutional sales instead of Industry Commodity Production in Social Accounts > Reports > Commodity Summary. 

    This yields a NY resident demand of 17.37% of the NY refined petroleum products. 

    Thank you,


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