Impact of business developed by incubator over the past 10 years


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    Thank you for your question. All Data Years from 2001 - 2019 (plus COVID 2020-Q2 data) are available in the latest version of IMPLAN at in a consistent 546 Industry Scheme format. Do you currently have access in the app to the region needed for this project? This is a great use case for the new tool because it does not require separate models for different Data Years. This analysis can be run all together in one Project at 

    This analysis can be setup up with a series of simple Industry Employment events for the Industries corresponding to each businesses' NAICS with the annual Employment values for each year the businesses were operating over the pass ten years (1 Event per business and year of operations). These Events can be dragged and dropped into Groups with the appropriately specified Data Year (year of the model) and Dollar Year (year of operation). To create a group for the same Region over multiple years, I recommend selecting the Region from the Region screen for each year, using the Data Year selector shown in the screenshot in the following article:

    Once the Region is selected for all necessary Data Years, create the impact with the Events mentioned above. Drop each Event into the Group with the Data Year it corresponds with and update the Dollar Year to the year of business operations for the Event. After running the analysis, results will reflect the total effect over the 10 year period in current year dollars. 

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