Question Regarding Appropriate Industry Classifications for a Commercial Kitchen

Hello - I hope you are doing well! I am modeling the construction of a new commercial kitchen. The construction data provided to me is fairly high-level. I'm trying to determine the best industry classification for Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment (FF&E) spending associated with a commercial kitchen. Specifically, do you think it's reasonable to assume that a commercial kitchen would purchase new appliances, pots/pans, and other kitchen supplies from wholesalers? And if so, which wholesale industry(ies) would best encapsulate that type of spending? It seems to me that the best industries to allocate that spending to would be:
  1. 393 - Wholesale - Household appliances and electrical and electronic goods
  2. 394 - Wholesale - Professional and commercial equipment and supplies
  3. 396 - Wholesale - Other durable goods merchant wholesalers

Any insights you could provide me on this inquiry is much appreciated! Please let me know if I can provide additional clarifying details.

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    Hello Ryan!

    The best Industry to choose here would most likely be Industry 393 - Wholesale - Professional and commercial equipment and supplies, which includes NAICS codes such as 423440 - Kitchen appliances, commercial, merchant wholesalers. You can see what other NAICS codes are included in this Industry in our 2017 NAICS to IMPLAN 546 bridge, found on our support site here


    Hope this helps!

    Michael Nealy

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