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I am working on an evaluation of support for local artists. This includes compensation for work completed on local utility infrastructure and curation of art installations in government buildings.

I believe there may be a more accurate way to complete this analysis, as my current model results in output for industry 499 of $3.2 M based on inputs of $207 k for the industry. This seem very high. Would it make more sense as an output event or as employee compensation?

Initially I set the model inputs as follows:

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  • Hi William,
    In order to better assist, we have a couple questions that we would like to clarify. We see that you notated the amount of contracted artists, did you use the event scaling feature to change those or is the amount shown the total amount for all the artists (ex. $45,000 is the total compensation for all 9 artists or was it scaled as $45,000 for each individual artist)? Since the employee compensation events span 4 years, were you setting up an individual group for each year, or did you add all 4 events to the same year? Also is the art supply spending what the Artist purchased to complete the installations? 

  • Thanks Sean.

    The amount of compensation is the total for all artists, so per individual it is rather low. The art supply spending is the purchase of the supplies from local business to supply the artists (we cover these costs). I am setting up a group for each year, but I could combine the events if that makes more sense.

  • Thank you for the clarifications! In this case we recommend setting the output for each Employee Compensation event equal to output before running the impacts. To do this, click the gear icon on the Employee Compensation events, and you will have to set the output in the dropdown equal to the EC input. For the art supply events, double check that they are set to Purchaser Price also in the advanced field. It is appropriate in this case to set up a different Group for each Dollar Year in which you have Events. Remember, multiplier effects tend to be greater for larger geographies, so always consider running your impacts at the county or regional level, as opposed to the state. Hopefully this helps!

  • Thanks Sean, this did correct the issue I was having.


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