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I have been examining the trade flows data in the the data library and I have a question. When I am looking at trade flows for Hamilton County, TN, I find that net trade flows exceed county GDP. What is the relationship to the trade flows data and GDP? How would one describe why GDP is lower than trade flows for a specified region?



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    Hello William! 

    In order to ensure that I am making the same comparison that you are, could you possibly share how you set up your query in Data Library? If you are using a trade flows explore, a screenshot similar to this would suffice, making sure that you include all the fields that are in use:



    Michael Nealy


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  • Hello William! 

    An important thing to consider when using the Trade Flow Data is that these "Trade Values" are by Commodity. The dollar value reflected here includes all necessary components in the production of that Commodity, both Value Added (i.e. contribution to GDP) and Intermediate Inputs. So, if you were to sum all trade flows that originated from Hamilton County (including those that have a destination of Hamilton County), the summed Trade Value would always be above the GDP (or Value Added) in the Region due to the Intermediate Inputs required to produce these Commodities. 

    Hope this helps! If you have any follow-up questions, feel free to reach out.

    Michael Nealy


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