Truck drivers jobs for warehouse use.

While running the IMPLAN reports, for the warehouse use I am using 1,200 SF per employee. I am then converting the jobs number to Full-time, part-time and seasonal using the conversion rate. how can I make sure that the truck drivers jobs are accounted for? 

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  • Hi Manju,

    It depends how the truck drivers are employed. A truck driver who is a W-2 employee for the warehouse should be accounted for within the employment numbers when converting them for use in IMPLAN. If the truck drivers are not actual employees for the warehouse, they would not be captured as direct employment. Instead, the truck drivers would be an expenditure in the warehouse’s industry spending pattern and would be captured as Indirect employment under the truck driving industry. If you want to explore the detailed occupations captured in the warehouse industry, you can explore the Occupation data in region details.

    Hope this helps!


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