Tax Impact as Portion of Total Tax Revenues

Client would like to know what portion the tax impacts are to the total tax revenues generated in the county. Is there a table in the Regional Details that shows total tax revenues generated/collected for each government level (Federal, state, county, etc.) in a county?

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    There is no table in the Region Details for a county that will display these values by default, but you can pull State/Local and Federal government transfers from the detailed IxC SAM (Region Details>Social Accounts>IxC Social Accounting Matrix>Detailed IxC SAM). Again, these will only be split out by the Federal level and the State/Local level.


    A few considerations for this: 

    • You’ll need to look at all accounts’ (i.e., columns’) payments of type “tax” – not just TOPI – to make sure you get them all. The list of columns that pay taxes to Government is: Employee Compensation, Proprietor Income, Taxes on Production and Imports, Households, Enterprise, and Foreign Trade.
    • Beware that not all payments to Government are for taxes, so you need to pay attention to the description of the transfer to make sure you are only pulling taxes. For example, OPI pays government but only in the form of Business Transfers (net), Surplus of Gov Enterprises, and Rents and Royalties. Corporate profits taxes are paid out of Enterprise, and some accounts pay a mix of taxes and non-taxes to Government. For example, Foreign Trade pays the Government some taxes but also “other transfers”, the latter of which you would not want to include in your calculation.


    Hope this helps! Feel free to follow up with any additional questions you may have.



    Michael Nealy

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