A question on MRIO impact entry. I am interested in a few use cases, but I will use visitors as an example. Suppose I want to perform a MRIO analysis of the economic impact of an airport in a county and include the impact of the leakages from the county to the rest of the state (since visitors also leave the county to travel around the area once they arrive). I have data on the number of visitors and their spending that the airport supports. Because of the state's geography, some visitors fly to this airport from other parts of the state. Since, ultimately, I am interested in the economic impact on the county plus quantifying the impact on the rest of the state through MRIO, should I remove the in-state visitors from the visitor spending portion of the analysis?

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    Hello Kurt!

    For this type of visitor spending analysis, there are a multiple assumptions that go into defining what a visitor is. When thinking about this from the perspective of the airport that visitors from outside of the Region fly into, we are assuming that these people would not have visited (or spent their money in) the area had it not been for the convenience provided of having the airport available as a travel option. With this being said, the general rule of thumb for how to define a visitor is to answer the question of "who is coming from outside of the study area?". Because you are defining your entire state as the study area, you would only want to include visitors who come from outside of the state in this Project. You can read more in our support article - Tourism Spending.


    Hope this helps!

    Michael Nealy

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