Occupation Impacts Employment doesn't total up to same value as Industry Employment impacts

After running an analysis I observe that the Total Employment impacts shown under Results > Employment > Industries by Impact > Total Impact Employment, doesn't total out to be the same value shown under Results > Occupation > Occupation Impacts Table > Wage and Salary Employment. The same can be observed for the Direct, Indirect and Induced Employment impacts. Shouldn't the split of Employment data across Industries and Occupation Codes be the same? If not, then what explains the difference. 


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    Hello Pranav!

    Thank you for the detail provided in your question. The difference of these two values is the amount of Proprietors. The Occupation Data in IMPLAN only includes Wage & Salary Employment, whereas the Employment tab of the Results will show the summed value of Wage & Salary Employees and Proprietor Employees. Read more in our support article - Occupation and Core Competency Data.



    Michael Nealy


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